Ron Carlson

2003 - Senior Rider of the Year!

Ron began riding with SICP in April 2002.   He is challenged due to a vehicle accident and requires a lot of help in balancing on his horse.   As he has worked with us, he is requiring less support when he stands and mounts.   He rides both with and without a saddle, on Favy and Bobo.   Bobo really makes him work.  Ron sits up tall now and is speaking clearer.   We are still working on head tilt.  This next year Ron will be learning to use reins.   He is already beginning to stop and start his horse.

        Barb Bell

2003 - Volunteer of the Year!

Barb has been volunteering for SICP for just over 2 years and has given us 732 hours.   She is currently working to get her NARHA Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification and is taking on more and more teaching responsibilities.   Barb also takes care of Shorty, making sure he has his grain, vitamins and exercises him each week between classes.   People like Barb make our program so successful!

        Tonya Taylor

2003 - Stable Influencer of the Year!

Tonya has been volunteering for SICP since October 2001 and has give us almost 200 hours.   This year she chaired the Horse Show Committee.   Although Tonya had never even been to a horse show, she did a fabulous job putting our show on.   There were over 30 riders from 4 different centers.   Everyone was extremely impressed at how well everything went and how professional everything was.   Thank you Tonya - we couldn't have done it without you!

               We at Stable Influence would like to express our appreciation
to Old Mac's USA for their generous donation of four pair of their Multi Purpose Horse Boots.

Thank you Old Mac's!