The Program

Stable Influence Charity Programs (SICP) - Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Activities Center offers Arizona youths and adults with mental, emotional, and/or physical challenges the opportunity to explore new horizons and focus on goals unhampered by their limitations.   Horseback riding allows riders to focus on abilities; and the sky is the limit as they gain strength, coordination and self-confidence.

As a form of therapy, horseback riding is helpful in developing balance, coordination, and strength in people with disabilities.   Research shows that the gentle and rhythmical motion of a horse moves a rider's body in a manner similar to that of a human gait, and that this activity has an incredible and measurable affect on their body, mind, and spirit for life.

Not only does therapeutic riding through SICP promote independence and self-confidence as our riders learn to ride and care for their horses in a friendly and supportive environment, but this activity provides
a recreational opportunity to many individuals for whom things such as "recreation" is severely limited.

What does SICP need?  

      Riders seeking to improve their balance, coordination, focus, mobility, self-confidence, range of motion and more.

      Volunteers are the lifeblood of SICP—people are what make the difference.   We are always looking for new persons who wish to come and join the incredible men, women, boys and girls that make up SICP's stable of volunteers who care for the horses and the riders, but at times we enlist the help of physical and occupational therapists, physicians, and even attorneys. All of these people generously give of themselves.   Their time, talent and dedication is priceless.

      Donations are critical to the operation of SICP.   Without financial support the horses are not fed, they cannot be maintained, and this program would not exist.   We rely on cash donations as well as gifts of new and used riding equipment.   No offering is too large or too small.  We have provided a safe and easy way for you to donate to this very worthy effort using a PayPal link.   Do not worry, you do not need to have your own Paypal account to make a donation using PayPal, just go to the bottom of this screen and you will find how to make a donation without a PayPal account.   If you have a PayPal account, just log in using your own PayPal ID ( your E-mail address ).   Just click on the "Donate" link below and PayPal will guide you through the steps to make your donation to Stable Influence Charity Programs. The link works with credit cards also. Thanks

      Promotion to get the word out about SICP.   With promotion comes donations and volunteers.   With promotion comes new riders looking for help—with bodies to heal and spirits to mend.

      Sponsors because they make promotion, donations, and volunteers happen!

SICP is a Member Center of PATH (formerly, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association or NARHA) and offers classes year-round at four Valley locations.   SICP provides riding programs to the community at-large as well as in partnership with private and government run agencies, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes—to get those who can benefit from this therapy up in the saddle.

Now that you know more about SICP, ask yourself, "How can I make a difference?"

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