The Sponsors

As community partners, corporate sponsors provide volunteer hours, cash and material donations, as well as promotion for SI.   If your organization would like to become involved, please contact us!

Albertson's — Albertson's continues to donate every quarter.   Shop at Albertson's, have the clerk swipe our card and Albertson's gives SI a percentage of your purchase.   If you need additional cards, please let your instructor know—we can pass out as many as you need for your family and friends.   This card works at any Albertson's throughout the United States.   Thank you Albertson's and Albertson's shoppers!

AFCU — Arizona Federal Credit Union provides a volunteer base from its membership, employees, and their families.   Our thanks to AFCU for the volunteer-hours!

Bashas' — Until January 31, 2003, shop at Bashas' and give the clerk our number 28962 when you give them your Bashas' Thank You card, and they will donate 1% of what you purchase to SI.   Thank you Bashas' and Bashas' shoppers!

Boeing — Boeing helps promote SI and provides cash grants.   Thank you Boeing!

Old Mac's    We at Stable Influence would like to express our appreciation to Old Mac's USA for their generous donation of four pair of their Multi Purpose Horse Boots, and their continued support of SI.   Thank you Old Mac's!

SRP — Salt River Project provides an ongoing volunteer base from its employees, and their families.   Our thanks to SRP for the volunteer-hours!

United Way — It's official, SI is on the designated Giving List for the United Way!