Stable Influence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and all contributions are tax deductible.   We need all the help you can muster, and your contributions will guarantee that we will keep you informed about our our program and any upcoming events.

Please mail your contributions to:   Stable Influence Charity Programs
P.O. Box 54006
Phoenix, AZ  85078-4006

            Sponsorship categories include:
    $10 - Newsletter Sponsor
    $25-$199 - Friend of Stable Influence
    $200-$499 - Supporter of Stable Influence
$1,500 - Insurance Sponsor
 _____ - Monthly Pledge Contribution
  _____ - 100 for $100 Campaign

            Special sponsorships include:
    $390 - Rider Sponsor (6 weeks)
$2,730 - Rider Sponsor (42 weeks)
    $250 - Adopt a horse for a month
$3,000 - Adopt a horse for a year
      $25 - Horse Show Class Sponsor
    $100 - Horse Show Division Sponsor

Donations are critical to the operation of SICP.   Without financial support the horses are not fed, they cannot be maintained, and this program would not exist.   We rely on cash donations as well as gifts of new and used riding equipment.   No offering is too large or too small.  We have provided a safe and easy way for you to donate to this very worthy effort using a PayPal link.   Do not worry, you do not need to have your own Paypal account to make a donation using PayPal.   If you do have a PayPal account, simply log in using your own PayPal ID ( your E-mail address ).   Just click on the "Donate" link below and PayPal will guide you through the steps to make your donation to Stable Influence Charity Programs. Thank you from all of us at Stable Influence.   Thank you on behalf of the riders.

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