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What is Stable Influence Charity Programs


For millennia, people the world over have had a working and love relationship with horses; and though horses are no longer needed in the service of man, the love for these beautiful creatures remains.  The recreation and sports associated with horseback riding are not only enjoyable, but have been proven to be therapeutic.   Individuals with disabilities are challenged by the activity, and are not only rewarded by it, but realize it as a road to recovery.   For them it's a chance for building self-confidence, promoting independence, and providing a sense of normalcy not otherwise available.Whether it's a 7-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, or a 75-year-old victim of stroke, their many stories and successes will touch you.   This program improves lives.   This program works!


At Stable Influence it's all about the riders. We offer ongoing programs for people wanting to improve their lives. Give us a call to find out how we can help you. New riders are always welcome.   It's all about making a difference.Follow us on FaceBook for weekly updates on our rider's success and progress. 

We create miracles very day.  A 67 year old Veteran who suffered a stroke 12 months prior and dragged 1 foot as he walked. He rode Lulu for less than 15 minutes, dismounted and WALKED with balance and coordination.  A 6 year old girl who's first words were "Walk On" - said to Shasta, her pony.

 Association with horses has, for centuries been recognized as an enjoyable experience for all people.  It doesn't matter what the goal, competition, pleasure riding, or just the peace and quiet of horses swinging their tails and munching their hay.  Individuals with disabilities can achieve even more - a road to recovery.  Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy provides challenges as well as rewards for all people, whether it's a seven-year-old with Cerebral Palsy or a 70-year-old recovering from a stroke. 

Come join the fun as a rider or volunteer.


Physical, emotional and mental rewards are achieved working around and riding horses.  Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy is helpful in developing balance, coordination, and strength in riders with disabilities.  In addition, riding promotes independence and self-confidence as riders learn to ride and care for their horses in a friendly and supportive environment.  Finally, Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy provides recreational opportunities to many individuals for whom such opportunities are severely limited.

Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy benefits are as numerous as the types of disabilities and conditions served.  Research shows that people who participate in Equine Assisted Activities can experience physical, emotional and mental rewards.  The gentle, rhythmic movement of the horse moves the rider's body in a manner similar to a human gait.  Individuals who ride form a unique relationship with the horse which can lead to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem.  Horseback riding also promotes a sense of independence.