What's Happening at the Stable


December 23         Break - Merry Christmas - No Class until January 6

January                 Horse Show and Committee to be determined - 

                                  - - - Need Show Coordinator

January 6               Session 3 Classes Begin

February 17             Session 4 Classes Begin - No break

February-March     ?? Twenty-First Annual Horse Show - 

                                   - - -Sponsorship and Assistance Requested

March 30                ?? Twenty-First Annual Horse Show - Stay Tuned

March 31                 Horse Show Break

April 7                     Session 5 Classes Begin - 7 Weeks

May 26                   Memorial Day Break

June 2                     Session 6 Classes Begin - 8 Weeks

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Riders - Sign up any time and join our classes

Calling all Volunteers

Can you play with us.  Contact us with the time and days you want to play and come join the fun while you change lives.

Cliff's Story

I have to share rider Cliff's story.  He called to volunteer in Mesa as he had horses years ago and wanted to help. Due to a stroke last year he was challenged with some deficiencies.  Cliff got out of his truck and as he walked to us, we noticed  he was dragging one of his feet.  His balance was not very good.  He helped clean one of the pens and was exhausted.  We had a break in riders, so had him mount Lulu.  He rode for - maybe - 15 minutes.  When he dismounted - to all our amazement - he WALKED.  No dragging his foot.  He came back the next week and was still walking well.  He was able to help groom his new girlfriend - Lulu, and he walked all around our arena.  Stamina was way improved.  We were able to get him up again and afterwards he took longer steps as he walked in more balance and control than before.  Even his speech was more organized.  This therapeutic riding stuff is very very powerful.