Equine Assisted Activities


We use interaction with horses to benefit individuals with  physical, cognitive and emotional needs.  Each rider learns skills for communicating with horses that will assist them in everyday life.

We customize a program for each participant to help them achieve their individual goals.

Mounted and On-Line Skills


Riders learn to communicate with their horse on-line, meaning they are asking their horse to do various tasks while guiding them on the ground.

On-Line play helps riders with their balance, timing, focus, planning, emotional and observation skills as they learn to use appropriate give and take to ask their horse to do a task.  Tasks may include walk over a tarp, step into a hula hoop, back up, yield hindquarters.

Riding Skills


Mounted skills first address basic balance.  Riders may ride facing forward, sideways and backwards to strengthen various muscle groups, as well as to improve balance and coordination.

Riders then work with reins to learn to guide their horse.  As their skills develop we add obstacles for them to negotiate which helps with focus, follow-through, following step by step instructions and planning.  Riders may learn to ride at all gaits - even cantering.