Our Amazing Horses



 Dakota - aka, Impressun My Bunny, came to our program in November of 2010.  She is a 16 year old Paint horse who has a dual side to her. On her left side she is a beautiful bay, but when she turns around, her secret side comes out as a beautiful paint.  She's about 15.2 hands and has a very very - did I say very - smooth trot that is lots of fun to ride. Dakota is big enough to carry our older riders. 



Freckles, who is registered as Verse a te Gal, is a 23 year old Paint mare.  You see, she was really shy and hiding when God was painting all the paint horses born that day.  Because of that, she missed being "painted" but got speckles of paint all over her, which gave her name - Freckles.  Freckles came to us in 2009 when the little girl who owned her decided to do Rodeo Queening and not Western Pleasure showing.  We are very lucky because Freckles has a nice trot and a quiet canter.  Her broad back is strong to carry our older riders and give nice support to those needing it.  The kids just love "dotting" the freckles on her butt as they ride facing backwards.



Indie is, maybe, a new member of our horsie family.  Indie is a small palomino mare - probably in her teens.  She belongs to a friend whose 9 year old daughter learned to ride on her.  Indie also gave lessons to beginner riders.  Time has passed and daughter is off to college in the fall and Indie needs a job.  We've been introducing Indie to our program and toys - like mounting steps and ramp.  It looks like she will be a very nice addition to our family.



Liber-T is a 24 year old Dutch Warmblood who belonged to Chris and Craig Hudson since before she was born.  Liber-T is Chris' "Levels Horse" and they are playing in Level 4 in the Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship Program.  Liber-T is very sensitive and responds to her rider's signals with very little aids.  Liber-T's gaits are very smooth and easy to ride.  She has really helped move our riders into a higher level of attention, understanding and coordination.  



Stetson is a 19 year old Polish Arabian.  He was race bred and spent most of his life as a 100 mile endurance horse.  He belongs to the sister of one of our riders, Lauryan, but because he lived 1 hour from Lauryan, she never got an opportunity to spend quality time with him.  Oh yes, did I say he likes to go FAST?  So he was not ready for Lauryan either.  When Lulu headed off to Buckeye, we moved Stetson to our place to be able to give him more training (to not go FAST all the time) and to help him learn to be a good partner to our riders.  He is learning very fast - still likes to go fast, but is learning that going slow and steady can also be fun.  Lauryan is able to ride him all over the arena at a trot now, only 3 months since he came to us.  We look forward to him becoming a fabulous member of our herd.